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Alexander the Great has fascinated people across the globe for 25 centuries, and two major motion pictures will portray his life later this year. Cleopatra is one of the great icons of history. Jesus transformed the world. So did Hitler. Were they really just ordinary people? What were they like?

History was once the study of great (or evil) men and women and great epic myths. In the modern era, history turned more to political and economic forces and viewed individuals Remote control helicopter as almost interchangeable. The role of the person in history was nearly lost. The Foundation for the Study of Personality in History is devoted to illustrating the person behind the history.

We have completed phase one of a major piece of research, the sbobet and report the results in Personality, Character and Leadership in the White House: Psychologists Assess the Presidents, published by Brassey's (now Potomac) in August 2004.

In the future, we intend to profile some of the most illustrious and notorious names in history.

Alexander the Great
Joan of Arc
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Ben Franklin
Babe Ruth
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Can you contribute in other ways? Our work is extremely time-consuming and there is so much yet to do. For the past decade, we have researched on our own time, with the gratis contributions of historians, biographers, and journalists. In order to facilitate this important work and to enlist the cooperation of the experts on which it depends, we need your help.

You can contribute in four ways:

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